Dermaroller results one year on…

February 10, 2013

Hi folks,

Well I thought it was about time I put a new post up as its been over a year since my last one. I am sorry! Life got the better of me I guess! My interest in beauty has not decreased thankfully, in fact it’s probably higher than ever hehe! Even though I’ve been incredibly lazy over the past year with my lack of posts my blog has been increasing in hits month by month. Last month I had over 1000 hits which was more than double the views of January 2011. I am shocked by the figures as I haven’t updated this in over a year but I’m not going to complain!

Anyways onwards with my update on the results of the three Dermaroller treatments that I had between late 2011 and early 2012. I’ve received a few emails over the past few months asking me to share my thoughts on the results so I thought it was about time that I did that.

It’s been just over a year since my last treatment so I can now comment on the final results of my treatments. I can say that there has been a remarkable difference in my overall complexion as my skin is so much brighter and I have a healthy glow which I didn’t have before the treatments due to summers spent sun bathing which had dried out my skin. I didn’t have any wrinkles, just a few fine lines on my forehead, but they have filled out over the past year which I am really happy about. I had quite large pores on my cheeks, near my nose but they have gotten smaller as well.

Now I mentioned in my previous post on Dermaroller treatments, that my main motivation for having the treatments was the fact that I had acne scars/sun damage on my forehead that I absolutely hated! There has been a big improvement in the appearance of the scars as they have gotten a lot lighter. I watched over the past twelve months as my scars repigmented and I could see my skin changing month by month. It’s been amazing to see!

To maximise the results of the treatments I ensured I used sunscreen everyday alongside Retin-A in the evening. I believe that these have definitely aided my skin during post treatment and I couldn’t be happier!

To conclude I would honestly recommend Dermaroller treatments if you are considering them as it does work. You just need to have a disciplined skin care routine post treatment to maximise the results! You will see a difference in your skin!

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me via my contact page.

John 🙂

PS – This is a recent photo of my skin now.



5 Responses to “Dermaroller results one year on…”

  1. kae said

    hey. im on dermaroller treatment as well. youre right, i love the transformation on my skin as well. :))

  2. My skin looks much better now too, really happy with the results

  3. Zahra said

    Hi, I went for a dermaroller treatment in October. After my treatment I expected to see a good result with my skin instead all I saw were new marks and larger pores created by the roller. I think the lady used it really aggressively. Did you come across this after your first session. Would you rec further treatment? I can’t get over it it’s really damaged my self esteem.

  4. A common complaint among women who have had children, stretch marks can occur in various parts of the body and for other reasons. The one thing that is constant is that stretch marks are the result of the sudden expansion or stretching of the skin due to rapid growth or fluctuation in weight. Other examples include puberty, rapid weight loss or weight gain, and yes, pregnancy.

  5. Made of medical grade needles attached to a rolling mechanism, these little wonders work by making minute “wounds” on the outermost layer of the skin; in a sense, fooling our bodies into going on healing mode and producing more of the much-needed collagen. The increased collagen created by using these tools go on to heal not just the intentional punctures from the derma roller but also to even out the rest of skin’s treated surface; thereby, helping to fill out fine lines and shallow pitted scars.

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