Review – My first Genuine Dermaroller treatment

December 7, 2011

Well it’s been three weeks today since I had my first Dermaroller treatment and what an experience it was!  You see, I went along to the Medi-Spa with the intention of getting a facial but had a rather different experience than I originally intended.  Here’s some background info…

When I was in my late teens I developed acne on my forehead that literally appeared out of the blue!  Up until that point I had broken out on occasion on my chin but nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of acne that appeared over the next few years.  Thankfully the spots went after a few years of breakout cycles that made me get so down that I didn’t want to go outside half the time and face the world.  Acne really does affect you not only on the outside, but on the inside too, emotionally.

The spots may have went away but as is the case with many acne sufferers, the scars remained.  I have quite a yellow based skin tone that tans very easily if I’m not careful.  The downside of this is that my skin marks very easily if I get a spot etc.  I don’t even have to pick it and it will still leave a red or dark coloured mark that will last for what seems a lifetime!  Grrr!

The acne that I had on my forehead has left me with a lot of red/brown marks.  They have faded slightly over the past four years but not as much as I would have liked and hoped.  I am really insecure about them and I hate the fact that they are there.  I have tried countless products over the years and nothing seemed to work up until the beginning of this year when I discovered the importance of having a good skin care routine and the positive results this can bring about.  Slowly but surely I have seen my skin improve  and I put that down to using a combination of Vitamin C serum, Retin A and sunscreen.

Back to the present.  A few weeks ago I decided that I would treat myself to a facial.  I wanted one that would target my problem areas and hopefully improve the scarring on my forehead.  I went researching online for possible treatments and came across a medi-spa in Belfast (my home) that carried out more advanced facials.  I rang up and booked myself in for a consultation, the following day.

At my consultation the esthetician asked me what my skin concerns were and I told her about the scarring on my forehead and how I would love to get rid of it.  She immediately suggested having a Dermaroller treatment which she said would dramatically improve my scarring.  Now some people might have thought to themselves that she was only trying to make a sale as a Dermaroller treatment is rather expensive.  Luckily, I was already aware of the success the Dermaroller had achieved with regards to acne scarring since its release a few years ago so I knew she was genuine with her recommendation.  This wasn’t the problem…the price was!  The price difference between having a facial and one Dermaroller treatment was just ever so slightly greater than I had intended on spending.  One Genuine Dermaroller treatment is £250.  Yes I know…expensive!

Here’s a rundown on the Genuine Dermaroller for those of you who don’t know what a Dermaroller is.  A Dermaroller is basically a cylinder that is made up of hundreds of micro-needles, the purpose of which is to roll over your skin.  Now your probably thinking ‘Whaaaatt, I would never do that” but it’s honestly very safe and has proven results to help with not only scarring, but also fine lines and wrinkles.  Your face is numbed for 30 minutes with anesthetic before the treatment so all you feel is a slight ‘prickly’ sensation on your skin.  The purpose of this treatment is that by pricking the skin hundreds of times, you are effectively ‘damaging’ it which in turn forces your body to repair it which increases your collagen levels, which then heals the scars.

The esthetician (who was lovely by the way) made me a cup of green tea while I thought it over.  I debated in my head for about ten minutes or so, weighing up the pros and cons and whatnot, until I decided to just go for it!  I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for spending that amount of money on my face but to me its worth it if will significantly improve my scars.

The treatment itself lasted around an hour.  The first thirty minutes consisted of my face being numbed by an anesthetic cream.  I must admit, I was slightly nervous about the treatment as I didn’t have much time to mentally prepare for it.  After the 30 minutes was over she started the treatment.  The esthetician used a ‘Genuine Dermaroller’ which is the gold standard in the world of the Dermaroller.  It is made in Germany and the results that people are seeing after this treatment is nothing short of amazing!  The treatment wasn’t as painful as I had imagined it to be but it also wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences either!  Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t have liked to not have used the numbing cream!

After the treatment I looked like a tomato…literally!  I was warned about this before the treatment but I didn’t expect to be the color I was.  I looked as if I had laid out in the Spanish sun for about 3 days straight without sunscreen on.  I looked cooked!  It took about 3 days for the redness to completely diminish and a few work colleagues commented on it so be prepared for that!

I was told not to expect any visible results for at least 6 weeks after the treatment as this is how long it takes for your skin to regenerate itself.  Saying that, its only been 3 weeks now and I can definitely see a slight improvement in my scarring and overall skin tone!  It’s exciting!

After my first treatment I decided to go for a further 2 treatments to hopefully get the best results possible.  My next treatment is at the end of this month so stay tuned for another update.  I’ll keep you posted!

If you want to know more about the treatment you can visit the official Genuine Dermaroller website for more info.

I hope this has been of help to some people and if you’ve any questions then ask away!  Comments are much appreciated!  Thanks for reading my blog!


PS – Here’s a photo I took of myself  before my treatment with the numbing cream well and truly applied!  I thought I’d share for fun.


7 Responses to “Review – My first Genuine Dermaroller treatment”

  1. Natalie said

    Im going in for my 1st treatment in 2 weeks,hope i get the same results as you

  2. Abe Lcen said

    Did you ever go back? I’d be interested to hear the effect it had on your skin. Thanks

  3. Ella said

    Hi! How did you like your dermaroller experience? Have you finished all 3 visits?

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